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book cover SAS Server Pages: Generating Dynamic Content
by Don Henderson

SAS Server Pages have been used by SAS developers as a way of creating custom user interfaces for Web-based applications. This enhanced book offers information on how to create SAS Server Pages using the new SAS 9.4 procedure PROC STREAM, providing users with a foundation technology that greatly expands the capabilities of SAS for dynamic and rich content generation. By combining PROC STREAM and the Macro facility, SAS can now more easily generate any type of markup or text-based content such as HTML, XML, and CSV.

Exclusively available in electronic format, this book provides more extensive and flexible ways to develop applications using video examples of a wide range of PROC STREAM and SAS Server Pages techniques, including both Web applications and Base SAS implementations. Users can see results immediately and can access additional content and information online through embedded links. It also offers basic how-to documentation on PROC STREAM and an overview of a Portal Reporting Framework that illustrates creating custom user interfaces for stored processes within the SAS Portal.

Ideal for SAS programmers who have some knowledge of the Macro facility as well as BI users, SAS Server Pages: Generating Dynamic Content removes the difficulties associated with HTML-based content creation while providing a resource on using PROC STREAM in a dynamic, enhanced format.